About us

Hi there and welcome to Puddle Season, a store for all kinds of kids wear, games, information and other fun stuff (lots of interesting things for grown-ups too!). We initially started this idea walking home from a wet trek through our local forest and thought we could create some high quality and fun wet weather outerwear for kids.  That is still a work in process, but many new brands and products will be added soon. If you haven't already, check out the contest page and start colouring!


Hi, my name's Jassmone and I'm the kCO (Kid Creative Officer). Puddle Season was my idea (of course). I'm here to provide great ideas to my Dad, make sure everything looks good and to do product reviews (when we get some). You can check out our Youtube channel for those. We also have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (whatever that's for). Anyway, you can check us out on all of those sites and be sure to "like" and "follow". Merci!​
Hi, I'm Doug, Jassmone's and Konnor’s Dad. I do all the technical stuff and pay all the bills. Enough said.
Hi, my name's Konnor. I'm the kPT (Kid Product Tester). I'm almost six years old. It's my job to test our products. I'll be working with Jassmone to create some interesting product reviews on our Youtube channel, but I haven't done any yet so stay tuned.


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