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Origin: CN(Origin)

Material: Copper

Regional Feature: China

Theme: Love


Name: Buddha Sound Bowl

Size: 8/8.5/9.5CM

Uses: physiotherapy, meditation, magic, home decoration, yoga meditation;

Package: OPP bag, copper bowl + small wooden stick

(Without cushion)

How to use:

1. Rotate, stretch out your left hand, put the bowl to the palm of your hand, or lay it flat on the mat, and then use the bottom of the wooden stick to gently wipe the change, who is really turning, and slowly wipe it around the change;

2. Percussion: Hold the wooden stick in your right hand, and then tap the edge of the bowl with the lower end, the sound becomes louder and louder, and it will wrap around the beam;

Selling point:

1. When using the meal Buddha for meditation, the poet's heart is peaceful and far-reaching, and the two ethereal feelings;

2. Soothing the body and mind, each Nepali bowl has its unique texture and audio, which can be transmitted to the deep body and mind through knocking or friction to reduce the sound and vibration. It is one of the religious instruments that can be used to adjust psychological emotions and relax Relieve your stress;

3. It is exquisitely polished by hand, with round and full color.


1. The inner bottom pattern is a cross-shaped diamond pestle, and the outer bottom pattern has Buddha words, hum characters and other representative auspicious patterns, and the patterns are random; 2. Hand-made, fine trachoma is normal and will not affect the tone;

Sound quality features:

8cm 8.5cm, the sound is crisp and pleasant, easy to carry

9.5cm long and pleasant sound, easy to carry








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